Lara Stater

Build websites faster with Lara Stater! Enjoy the magic that exists.


Laravel 7

Built using the modern PHP framework, Laravel version 7.25.0 to stay up to date with technology

Clean Design & Code

Implementing a clean design, and neat costing arrangements to make it easier for developers to read the code

Easy to Use

Beginners, intermediates, even experts can easily operate and develop Lara Stater

Manage photos easily like in a file manager

Manage images with a view similar to a file manager, can make it easier to manage multiple-scale images, find out what images are on the system, and much more..

Easily manage website settings on the dashboard page

Set website name, email address, phone number, address, city, logo, display, permissions and more..

  • Easily to Use
  • Easily to Development
  • Easily to Manage

Why Choose Lara Stater?

In every website, of course, the existing features are always monotonous or the same. With Lara Stater, we can simplify and speed up our work as developers.


Good preparation for building a website with Laravel

Awesome Design

Minimalist and neat design for comfortable viewing

Ready to Use

Ready to use for all types of use, needs and development

Programming Language

Using a programming language that is very familiar and widely used

Essential Sections

Parts that can be easily adjusted according to needs

Highly Optimized

Light in the scope of the server so as not to burden the system too much

Development version

The current version is still in development or beta testing 1.1.x

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